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SKETCH-BOOK Sketch-books with four sketches by page.
DRAWINGS Big drawings from some sketches.
ANALYSIS Personal explanations about personal drawings and sketches.
ARTICLES Personal thoughts about illusory contour figures.
ARTS Illusory contour figures in art, and so on.
THEORY Recapitulation of Gaetano Kanizsa's theory about illusory contour figures.
CREATE How to create his own illusory contour figures.
BIBLIOGRAPHY French books about illusory contour figures.
DICTIONARY Terms of perception psychology.
NEW New pages since the site creation.
KANIZSA Drawings on Mac after two Gaetano Kanizsa sketches.
SITE Technical présentation of the site (hardware and software).
MAIL Author mail.
LINKS Web links about illusory contour figures, modal perception, ambiguous images...

AMBIGUOUS FIGURES Another one, bigger, stronger, darker, why do'nt you try it ?

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